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It's through the support from our affiliates that we are able to teach, inspire and encourage

the women who come to us for help.

Breath of Life Radio Spot - JVC Broadcasting
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Heartbeat International


National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)

Pregnancy Service Network of New York (PSN)

The Life Center of Long Island

Soundview Pregnancy Services


Mommas House

Mercy Center

VIBES -Family Violence and Rape Crises Center

Family Service League

Postpartum Resource Center

Focus on the Family

March For Life New York

Students For Life

The Long Island Coalition for Life

Catholic Health Services

Gianna Center For Women

St. Catherine of Siena Hospital Cuddle Program

Department of Social Services

Department of Health Maternal & Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC)

Department of Women's Services

Joseph LaCapra. Esq.


Dr. Brown’s Bottles

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