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Welcome to our first blog!

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Our center offers assistance, referrals and resources...and also the comfort and care our moms and dads (Dads Welcome!) need during their pregnancy and after when the baby arrives. Our goal is to help teach, inspire and encourage our moms and dads to make the best choices they can and hopefully our blog can help navigate you through the challenges that parenthood brings. 

We are Moms offering Moms support... (M.O.M.S.)

From pregnancy concerns and birthing techniques to newborn care and parenting skills... We invite you to follow us and become educated as we dive into the many ways you can love your pregnancy, embrace parenthood, grow with your baby and create a healthy happy environment for you and your baby!

Because of our dedicated team and generous donors last year we were able to give out about $12,000 of merchandise in resources to our moms in need, helped over 110 women and saw 22 babies born including three sets of twins!

Keep in touch with us...We are currently in the process of launching our MOMs group in the next few months. This will be a fun, no judgement zone that will be a safe place to share concerns, experiences, baby stories and best of all laughs about your new lives as parents! 

So if you are reading this and find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy or even a planned one and could use some help, please know you are not alone! Give us a call...make an appointment...we are here to help.

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