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Why I Volunteer...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

As a little girl I usually played the MOM when my friends and neighborhood kids came to our backyard. There were not any fences, so children came from all over to play. We had a tiny log cabin we used as our house, and we had pansies in the window boxes. Many fun times were had there especially for me because I was the Mother, the boss lady. I think others had fun too.

When I became a mom at 30, I thought I would be able to fall back on my teacher’s training. Although that came in handy down the line, it didn’t help much when my first son was born. My husband and I were clueless, and my mom had pinkeye and couldn’t come to help. We walked up the stairs that first night terrified about what would happen next. At Breath of Life, we teach and help families during this

brand-new chapter of their lives.

My childhood plan to have two boys and two girls stuck in my mind. I believe God placed it there, but my husband needed some convincing. As an Attorney he liked everything its place, and more than two children seemed to throw him off. He likes safe, without confusion, but he soon learned with me as his wife some chaos in the mix would be a common occurrence.

For many years, whenever a home for pregnant moms was mentioned in context to ministry, I was all ears. My desire has been to enable women to feel comfortable and give them an ability to care for their children. At this point, a Pregnancy Center by the name of Breath of Life was a perfect place to start!

"Seeing the moms come in with their precious little bundles puts a smile on my face every time. "

When we are able to provide necessary items for these moms and babies I can cry for joy because I know they will also receive the love of God from us and a Bible in their own language. These Moms come back because we treat them with respect, and offer counseling, and hope for their future, and their child’s future.

We are planning and saving for a Maternity Home for young women on Long Island. This is a good goal, a necessary goal and one I believe will come to pass.

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