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BOL sends virtual hugs to all the mamas out there anxious and feeling alone during the pandemic. 

We understand many moms and dads to be are anxious about how the coronavirus will impact the birth of their baby.  It's normal to feel anxious about labor and delivery when you're pregnant, and now the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is adding a new layer of worry.


Hospitals are changing policies around prenatal care, labor and delivery, but healthcare workers will do whatever they can to help you through this and we are here to support you virtually and safely anyway we can during this difficult time.


If you are feeling alone and worried it helps to reach out for as much support as you can get - even if it's just online. Try keeping in touch with friends and loved one through zoom and other video conferencing apps. Join like minded Facebook groups and remember this is not your fault, you are doing your best and things will get better. You can always call us at 631.738.8829 to schedule a phone consultation if you need additional one-to-one emotional support as well.

From emotional support to diapers, wipes and food outreaches -  here are a few outside resource links to help you get started. Check back often as we update our site regularly to include the most current information. 

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