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Welcome Moms & Expectant Moms

M.O.M.S Place is held at the BOLPC office located in Islandia.  In our group you'll be able to discuss parenting concerns and gather information. From napping and feeding schedules, to finding child care and resources - we are here to help you with all your parenting questions and needs!


The meetings are geared toward pregnancy, parenting and useful everyday skills needed to enhance your ability to parent and to embrace your role with more confidence...and to have some fun along the way.

Some topics may include:  beauty tips, breastfeeding, birthing classes and doulas, labor coping techniques, essential baby gear, and  more. Followed by Q& A time for you.

We invite you to join a great group of women and share parenting experiences, ask questions, build friendships and learn ways to love your pregnancy, embrace parenthood and gather resources for all your baby needs!

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