Christ - Centered Maternity Home

EMMANUEL PROJECT – Biblical Discipleship & Direction

A Home Where A Mother’s Broken Life Can Become A New Life In Christ For Her And Her Baby

Breath of Life Center has a matter before us, a cause the Lord has put on our hearts and that is to open a Christ-centered maternity home on Long Island. It is difficult to encourage a woman to keep her child when she is in a hopeless state, homeless and can’t see past that very minute. The vision is for the BOL home to be a safe, non-judgmental refuge for hurting  pregnant women to receive the healing and provision she needs to ultimately be restored to her Creator. God has shown us, through the development and growth of the center, that there is a definite need for a home independently run with no age restrictions that has been put on some maternity homes here on Long Island. 

Unfortunately, due to the age restriction of 21 years of age, we have found that many women are not eligible for placement into some of these maternity homes in Suffolk County.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and The Guttmacher Institute, women in their twenties account for 60% of the abortions in the United States. At Breath of Life Pregnancy Center when an abortion minded woman comes to us, we counsel, educate, and offer options to her in hopes she will choose life. If she does choose to keep her baby but her obstacle is housing, and she is over 21 years of age, we have no maternity home to refer her. Her only option is the emergency housing shelter. We at BOLPC see ourselves as a safety net for our expectant moms offering tangible relief during a real life crisis situation. Housing can be a leading reason for an expectant mom to make a decision to have an abortion.


"For a mom to know she has a safe, secure, loving place to go to during her pregnancy and the first year of her baby’s life, might make the difference between a baby saved or an abortion."  


We believe that through obedience to God and His plan, if we here at Breath of Life Pregnancy Center do everything in the natural to fulfill God’s will, God will do His part to provide a home to help a women’s broken life become a new life in Christ for her and her baby. 


Countless women are greatly seeking love and desperately finding their worth in an unhealthy relationship or materialism. Our goal is to provide the right encouragement needed to transform her heart and mind to know her worth and identity can only be found in Jesus Christ. We believe this process requires daily support, direction and discipleship in the word of God. 


Our discipleship program includes evidence -based strategies outlined in “The Emmanuel Project” (God With Us, Matthew 1:23) a biblical discipleship program created by Breath of Life. The following program would be administered by the trained and dedicated counselors from the Breath of Life team:

 - God’s Love & Salvation
 - Identity in Christ
 - Self Esteem/Confidence
 - Character Building

 - Attributes of God
 - Prenatal Care

 - Parenting Skills
 - Nutrition

 - Future planning

 - Goal Setting

 - Financial Strategies


We can’t do this alone. To do our part we need your help to support and accomplish these goals. The support needed are finances, full time house mother, and a donated house. It is our hope that with your help each mom will receive the proper care, medical attention and

training - all necessary elements needed to enter the community as a Godly, stable working mother. 

Help us give HOPE to a struggling woman and offer her a life-saving alternative to the extreme abortion laws here in New York. 


You can help!

 "He will hide me in His shelter in the days of trouble...He will conceal me."     Psalm 27:5