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Darlene Pawlik - Survivor. Speaker. Advocate.

We are so excited for our special guest speaker Darlene Pawlik to share her story during our 2020 Casting the Vision Banquet – March 20, 2020

Darlene Pawlik is an author and speaker at the Darling Princess, an educational company.

She shares from her experience as a juvenile sex trafficking survivor to help people recognize the

subtle signs and the most powerful answers to some of the problems facing young

women today.

Friends of the Unborn maternity home provided a place of hope and healing that changed the trajectory of her life forever.

She became a practicing nurse and a long-time pro-life advocate, she served as a board member of her state's right to life organization for most of 25 years and as VP for Save The 1, an international pro-life organization representing the so-called ‘hard cases’.

She has been married almost 30 years and has five adult children and two grandchildren.

To learn more about Darlene you can visit her website as she shares stories and encouragement, Healing from Child Sexual Abuse, and Human Trafficking.

Join Darlene in the conversation.

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