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Feed Them The Bread Of Life!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I was reading my devotion which was from Luke 9:13 which said, “Give them something to eat.” Afterwards God spoke to me clearly and said,

“Put a Bible in the hand of every mom that comes to the center and give them something to eat…the Bread of Life.”

Breath of Life Pregnancy Center educates, inspires and encourages women to make

life-affirming choices. We always present

the love of Jesus in any way we can.

HELP US GIVE OUR MOMS THE BREAD OF LIFE. When we look at the multitudes in the valley of indecision, the task can be overwhelming. But when God multiplies the meager loaves and fishes we have in our hands, it becomes powerful!

The cost of each bible is only $2.50! Our goal is to put a new bible in the hands of every mom that comes into the center. If you would like to be part of A BIBLE IN EVERY HAND PROJECT

go to Choose BIBLE IN EVERY HAND PROJECT from the FUND DROPDOWN list add in the amount you would like to donate and submit. It's easy! Or please send your check to:

Breath of Life Center, Inc

1930 Veterans Highway Suite 4

Islandia, NY 11749.

Dedicated to Life,

Regina Napolitano, CBD, CPD

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