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Suffolk County Needs a Christ-Centered Maternity Home

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

It has been a wonderful spring and summer here at Breath of Life Pregnancy Center. We have had 14 babies including a set of twins born during this time. We were able to meet all their needs with birthing classes, M.O.M.S. group meetings, special workshops and of course all the material resources our moms and babies require. Thank you for all your donations.

Breath of Life Center now has an URGENT matter before us, a cause the Lord is directing us towards and that is to open a Christ-centered Maternity Home in Suffolk County. Presently there is only one maternity home in Suffolk County and they have an age restriction of up to age 21. God has shown us through the development and growth of the center that most of the women that are pregnant and homeless are over the age of 21. Over the past year and a half alone we have had fifteen expectant moms over 21 come to the center that were homeless. Unfortunately, we had to send them to Emergency Housing Shelters. If the only obstacle for a woman with child is lack of housing and the fear of being in a shelter, this could be the difference between a baby saved and a baby aborted. Adding to her fear is when she sees her child on a sonogram screen and realizes she cannot provide the bare necessity of shelter for her child.

“Together we can provide a safe, secure and loving home for a woman to live in during her pregnancy and the first year of her baby’s life.”

BOLC has created a Christ-Centered program to be used to help these women become whole and their lives transformed so they can be the parents God intended them to be.

WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP!!! We need your prayers for direction, finances to purchase the home or a donated house. Help us give HOPE to a struggling woman and offer her a

life-saving alternative to abortion!

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